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This is a collection of my latest items. Hope you will find the useful!



Here you will find synth smelling pop tracks that hopefully will spice up your project the way you wish for.



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With music from different kinds of genres, we try to keep our music portfolio diverse and cutting edge! We have a strong belief in that you creative minds out there want more than just CORPORATE, INSPIRATIONAL and MOTIVATIONAL tracks that all sounds the same, regardless if your project is a commercial advert, a private YouTube clip or a corporate presentation. We simply try to make music that will make your project more appealing, more saleable or just to make it complete.

And the library is continuously growing thanks to our passion and drive to make good music no matter what.


What we do


Royalty Free Music (RFM)

is a term that refers to production music that has no additional fees to pay once the music has been bought. It is purchased once and can be used again and again. Since it has no additional license payments it is classed as 'RFM'.


"Royalty Free Music is simply a way of providing professionally composed audio and licensing it easier, cheaper and more conveniently to the user."

Steve Bainbridge, Beatsuite.com


Traditionally, production tracks had to be licensed each time it was used as part of a production or broadcast. For instance, TV programmers would have to pay a 'Needle drop fee' each time the audio was used as part of a broadcast i.e. every time the needle was dropped on the record! The disadvantage is that it could be expensive and time consuming.

Royalty Free Music is simply a way to make licensing audio easier, cheaper and more convenient.

Royalty Free Music Library

A music library providing a catalogue of royalty free music available for licensing to media producers. Many royalty free music libraries have an online catalogue of music across many genres for immediate licensing. A royalty free music library provides music for any use from background music for a website, to a theme tune for a television show. The term 'library' is used as customers can browse through the collections of music as they would a regular library, sample the music and purchase a license if it suits their needs, and provide a legal and certified form of licensing providing the customer with the rights to use the music as specified.

To make it convenient for you just browse our library of

Royalty Free Music

If you have specific needs we are happy to assist you with

Custom Made Music

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Contact us and let us know about your project and your needs and we will work with you to make your project complete.



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